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Allows Britain to test cosmetics on animals

Allows Britain to test cosmetics on animals

Allows Britain to test cosmetics on animals

Thursday – 3 Muharram 1443 Hijri – 12 August 2021 AD Issue no. [

For the first time in 23 years, cosmetics for animals have been tested

London: “Middle East”

For the first time in 23 years, a British animal welfare charity says ministers have opened the door to expand animal testing to include products used in cosmetics.
Crowdfree Free International may be required to return to animal testing to examine the effects of ingredients used in cosmetics banned in the UK in 1998 after the Home Office told the government it had “reconsidered its policy”.
In the official letter, the government said it had accepted the European Chemicals Agency’s decision to appeal last year, stating that only certain products used in cosmetics needed animal testing for safety.
The Home Office has insisted that UK law on animal testing remain unchanged, but activists have warned that accepting the European Agency’s ruling could lead to widespread use of animal testing.
The European Union (EU) has ruled that animal tests should be conducted to examine the effect of two products used in cosmetics to meet the chemical requirements of the German chemical company SymRice, removing EU restrictions on animal testing for used cosmetics.
In a letter to the Animal Welfare Association (CFI), the Guardian stated that it intends to “publicly clarify its position now through the official release of the updated policy and regulatory guidelines”.
Welcoming the decision of the European Chemicals Agency, the association warned that Britain would impose a “ban” on animal testing.
பதிளிப்பதில்; A government spokesman said there had been no change in the law and a ban on the use of animals to test cosmetics on the shelves was in effect.
A British government spokesman said: “Under UK environmental protection and labor protection regulations, animal testing may be permitted by UK regulators at appropriate locations on single or multiple application components.”
In 1998 the then Labor government used its own law as an example; Because it sought animal testing of cosmetics banned across the EU.


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