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Along with Truss and Ritchie's battle .. Johnson admits his regret for resigning

Along with Truss and Ritchie’s battle .. Johnson admits his regret for resigning

Boris Johnson has told former prime minister Peter Crotas that he regrets resigning as UK prime minister and hopes he can “undo” his exit, the Telegraph reports.

The report said Johnson told Crodas over lunch on Friday that he “wants to stand as leader of the Conservative Party at the next general election”.

“There is no ambiguity in Boris’s views, he certainly does not want to resign,” Grotas said, according to the report.

It comes alongside a televised debate hosted by former finance minister Richie Sunak and culture minister Liz Truss and sharp clashes between the views of Conservative Party rivals after Johnson.

Former Conservative Party leader Francis Maud has warned Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss not to damage the Conservative Party flag during tonight’s televised leadership debate, which is due to start at 9pm.

Lord Maud, also a former Cabinet Office minister, told the Prime Minister’s BBC program this evening: “Obviously one wins the leadership, but if the behavior and language of the ranks gets out of control, it hurts the stable party. Or the way people see the party, it can be a costly victory.”

Competition between candidates

The debate began with talk of their respective economic plans, with Truss saying: “If we follow Rishi’s plans, we’re headed for recession, and that’s why it’s hard to see how these two can work together again.”

Truss, who was in the same government as Ritchie, criticized his fiscal policies: “The taxes were very different from the rates of interest which Ritchie had in common.”

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