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Alyssa and Lamjarred.. From a concert to jest, giggles and screaming at high costs - Saudi News

Alyssa and Lamjarred.. From a concert to jest, giggles and screaming at high costs – Saudi News

In the Jeddah season, the Lebanese Elissa and the Moroccan Saad Lamjarred seemed to present a poor theatrical performance in everything, except for the laughter that filled their concert organized by Rotana on the “Super Dome” theater. The one who was pushed to enjoy an art party and not to watch a comedy show in which laughter and “dissonance” were planted in it, which has been repetitively neglected.

However, the “duet” that they recently presented was the justification for bringing them together in this concert, but they presented it at a weak level that lacked coordination and harmony between them, even though it is shown for the first time in an artistic concert, and it was worthy of them to perform it with the best performance and rehearse in advance, respecting the broad audience who He was forced to listen to songs that were scratched by side conversations and repeated laughter, so that the Lebanese star, who suggested that she was not preparing for the party, failed to perform her most famous song “Batamoun” or remember its words, amid laughter just because of the ease, who also found himself identifying with the screams of his partner in the party in a way Technically unfit, while he was busy dancing to his songs, which he performed a group of “playback” in a party that is supposed to be completely live, as is normal in any concerts that are announced.

Their concert may have succeeded publicly in sympathy with their history and previous successes, but technically and in all impartiality it was below the hoped-for level, and it was ridiculed on the communication sites and angry reactions to their neglect to direct the party as befits it, and their lack of respect for this large attendance, and Rotana, as the organizer of the ceremony, must maintain It affirms its value as a pioneer in art, and requires adequate preparation for the event that contributes to avoiding such a downfall.

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