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علماء فلك من الهواة يلتقطون لحظة اصطدام جسم غامض بالمشترى .. اعرف التفاصيل

Amateur astronomers capture the moment a mysterious object collided with Jupiter.. know the details

UFO Collided by Jupiter This week, causing a bright flash of light that was picked up by amateur astronomers 382.76 million miles from Earth, German astronomer Harald Palese was observing the shadow of Jupiter’s Moon , which is creating a solar eclipse in Jupiter’s atmosphere when it detects the potential impact.

According to the British newspaper, “Daily Mail”, Paliski said: “I was surprised by a flash of bright light … it can only have an effect.” And if this is confirmed, this event will be the eighth recorded impact on the gas giant, the first was determined in 1994 year.

Jupiter with the observed effect

Palesci added that he looked at each frame in hopes of determining the cause of the light, after seeing the bright flash, and found that the flash was in Atmosphere to the buyer and remains visible for 2 seconds.

Jupiter collides with dozens, possibly hundreds, of asteroids each year, as the giant planet acts as a wall to prevent such objects from impacting Earth, however, catching such an event is very rare.

Another amateur astronomer in Brazil documented the event, as José Luis Pereira set up his equipment in São Caetano do Sul, in the southeastern Brazilian state of São Paulo and geared toward Jupiter.

Pereira shared: “To my surprise, I noticed a different glow on the planet, but didn’t pay much attention to it because I thought it might be something related to the standards, and I continued watching normally, so as not to interrupt the captures going on for fear of worsening weather, I didn’t review the first video.”

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Pereira wrote: “I only checked the result after that, when the program alerted me to the high possibility of an impact and checked that there was indeed a record in my first video, then sent the information to Marc Delcroix of the French Astronomical Society, who confirmed that the event seen in the footage was a collision. .