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Amayreh writes: Juma Hammad in his memoirs.. The life of a science student | Book of Ammon

A few days ago, I received a valuable gift from my dear friend, Dr. Hassan Juma Hammad, which is a copy of the book of his father, our great teacher, Hajj Juma Hammad Jahama: (The life of a student of science… an autobiography 1921-1995 AD).

The life of Mr. Jumaa Hammad, may God have mercy on him, was full of work, giving, and distinction in the fields of journalism, literature, culture, and political work.

In his introduction to the book, Dr. Hassan Hammad indicates that his father began writing these notes at the beginning of 1989 AD, and they cover all stages of his rich and fertile life. Dr. Hassan took over the task of verifying and arranging the notes, as well as providing them with appropriate pictures.

And when we mention the great Professor Jumaa Hammad, and I worked with him and the late Professor Mahmoud Al-Kayed as editor-in-chief and then editor-in-chief in the dear (Al-Rai) from (1979 to 1991), we proudly recall his exploits, merits, journalistic efforts and abilities, which are distinguished in the field of management and his great interest in distribution. Distribution and advertising were considered the most important factors for the success of the newspaper, along with the quality of writing and editing news, choosing the attractive headline without exaggeration, and credibility and accuracy. And let’s not forget that he used to weave strong relationships in his direct paternal style, away from any affectation. When we wanted to refer to him or talk to him, we used to address him with the expression “uncle Hajj,” a word that our tongues used to use with much affection and respect.

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The memoirs are located in twelve chapters, dealing with his birth and upbringing in the Beersheba region in southern Palestine and the Egyptian Sinai Peninsula, his tribe, the Tarabeen, his family, his education, and his work first in the Palestinian police (the wireless unit) under the British Mandate government, then his intellectual and cultural interests, and deals with the resistance of the people of Beer Seven of the Zionist invasion and then emigrated to Sinai and then emigrated to Jordan. In it, he recounts his experience in the press and his memories of the Palestinian catastrophe and the events and developments that followed, then his close relationship with the late great His Majesty King Hussein Bin Talal – may God rest his soul – and His Highness Prince Hassan Bin Talal – may God protect him -, and his connection with the late martyr Wasfi Al-Tal and the Jordanian and Arab political work in general He tells the story of the founding of daily newspapers such as Al-Manar, Akhbar Al-Youm, and the specialized cultural magazine “The New Horizon”, then (Al-Dustour) in 1967 AD, then (Al-Rai) in 1971 to 1973, and his memories of the experience of establishing the Arab National Union Party, and his selection as Secretary-General of the party (1972- 1973) as a political organization for the state, his membership in the Senate and his assumption of the position of Minister of Culture, and at that time I was Secretary General of the Ministry, and my work continued with him and after that, and he presents the most important cultural activities in that period. He talks about some of the political, cultural, economic and public figures he knew during his life. .

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The book is full of documented information and full of memories. It reflects the extended life that the great writer and journalist lived with all its burdens, worries, sorrows and joys on the level of the individual, the country and the nation. He had an opinion, a role, a position and a cause.

In the book, there are many topics and issues that deserve mention about the profession of journalism and its troubles and hardships, and its emphasis on freedom of the press and linking it to responsibility and defense of public, professional and trade union freedoms, but this haste cannot be fulfilled. It is necessary to return to the book, which formulated its chapters in its own style that is characterized by smoothness, grace and depth
May God have mercy on our great teacher and reward him with the best reward.