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Amazing Alfa Romeo 3.5L V10 Engine for Sale!

Amazing Alfa Romeo 3.5L V10 Engine for Sale!

You could argue that the engine is to some extent the heart of the car, even the most ardent car madman claiming to be its soul. And there is some truth in this, because it is the engine that often determines the overall character of the car. Almost every automaker has built an engine they can be justifiably proud of. It is a kind of gem, a showcase of the technologies of the time. Toyota, so Lexus has a biting V10 engine LFABMW has an iconic 12-cylinder engine The fastest car in the worldFor example, Ford became famous With its iconic V8 engines.

The engine known as the Tipo 1035 found its way into the demonic Alfa 164 Procar, which was no match for F1 cars at the time:

In the case of Alfa Romeo, if we omit the “Busso” six-cylinder fork, it’s this engine. A 3.5-liter ten-cylinder fork, capable of up to 620 horsepower. Alfa developed them for use in Formula 1 in the late 1980s – they were originally intended to power Ligier cars, but disagreements between the two sides eventually left the entire 15 units idle.

But the Italians were always able to improvise. At first it occurred to them that the engine would be used in the Procar series, then F1’s companion series, and so they put this beast under the hood of the Alfa 164. But that series was eventually canceled because only BMW had its M1 Procar competing with it. Prior to that, however, the 164 Procar made a few show rides at Monza in 1988, where, according to contemporary sources and eyewitnesses, this re-engined sedan was significantly faster than F1 cars of the time due to its lower drag. body resistance. Ricardo Patrice was behind the wheel.

Then Alpha showed interest in Mathematical Models of Group C. The beautiful Alfa Romeo SE 048SP was built at that time, which was supposed to be powered by this impressive engine room. But what the hell he didn’t want – the automaker’s management saw greater potential in the DTM, and therefore the money went to the development of the Alfa 155 race.

Unfortunately, the engine gem didn’t get a chance. But whoever wants it can now buy it at an online auction, which ends on Friday at 9am – so far the highest bid was £4,850 (about CZK 150,000). It is not necessary to use it to operate the car, although this alternative is presented directly. This engine room can easily decorate more than one sitting room with pride.

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