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Amazing discovery .. an ingredient in hair care products linked to breast cancer

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In a surprising conclusion, a scientific study suggests a substance found in hair care products and skin care spas is closely linked to breast cancer.

The researchers specifically looked at dark-skinned women who were more likely to develop breast cancer under the age of 40.

They tested the effects of parabens, found in many hair care and personal care products, on breast cancer cells from dark-skinned women.

Studies have found that when parabens are applied to breast cancer cells in a lab dish, they increase their growth and spread.

According to researchers at the City of Hope National Medical Center in Los Angeles, California, this effect was not seen in breast cancer cell lines from white women at the doses tested.

Parabens also altered the expression of estrogen, a hormone that causes breast cancer.

Parabens are called “endocrine disruptors” because they resemble hormones and can therefore be replicated in the body.

There are concerns that this could affect disease risk, for example because parabens are chemically similar to estrogen.

“Exposure to harmful chemicals called endocrine disruptors in hair and personal care products may be one reason for the increased risk of breast cancer. These chemicals mimic the effects of hormones in the body,” said lead researcher Dr. Lindsay Trevino.

Dr. Trevigno said the study, which focused on black women, said the information between chemicals and cancer risk “can be used to help all women with breast cancer.”

Maralyn Tross, a professor of endocrinology at Queen Mary University who was not involved in the study, noted caution about the findings.
“It’s an interesting discovery,” he said. “But we shouldn’t automatically jump to translating what we see in a synthetic world to a real-world situation where a group of cells are directly exposed to a chemical. No correlation has been found. It doesn’t immediately and directly translate that parabens in the environment cause breast cancer in humans.”

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He added: “We know that parabens exist in the environment. We know that it’s a substance used in products like shampoo. But it’s used in small amounts and it’s very tightly regulated. There’s no evidence in population studies that exposure to parabens causes breast cancer, or looking at too much parabens. Groups of people are more likely to develop breast cancer.

Professor Trass, a member of the Endocrine Society, said there was no information on whether black women used more shampoo than white women or how their skin absorbed it differently.
However, Dr. Trevino said, “Black women are more likely to purchase and use hair products.”

He continued, “But we don’t have data on how parabens may increase the risk of breast cancer in black women. This is because black women were not selected to participate in most of the research studies that looked at this link. And , the studies that were done to test this link.” Only breast cancer cell lines from white women were used.”

There have been several large human studies to determine whether exposure to parabens causes cancer in humans, but this is difficult, given the many chemicals, risk factors and animals present in everyday life.

Cancer Research UK says: “Parabens do not cause cancer in humans, including breast cancer. Parabens are used as a preservative in personal care products. This means they allow products to last longer on the shelf.”

Some small studies in mice have found that parabens may act like estrogen, which has been linked to breast cancer. But there is no good evidence linking parabens to breast cancer in humans.”

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