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Amazon founder wants to build his own space station

Amazon founder wants to build his own space station

“Over the past 60 years, NASA and other space agencies have developed a way to travel and live in space. They have paved the way for individuals to walk through this decade. We will provide all services related to space travel, and in addition, we will make it cheaper and easier,” the website server said. reports Brent Sherwood, vice president of advanced software development.

He is not alone in the project, which will be implemented in low Earth orbit by 2030, alone. It plans to join forces with Sierra Space, Boeing, Redwire Space and Genesis Engineering Solutions, among others.

Blue Origin should develop and manufacture the station’s living quarters, including the backbone units and the reusable New Glenn launch vehicle. Sierra Space will be responsible for the Large Integrated Flexible Environment (LIFE) modules, which are slated to serve as the primary housing blocks, and the Dream Chaser spacecraft. It is essentially a small, reusable shuttle capable of carrying cargo and a human crew into the future. It should land on any convenient long runway anywhere in the world.

Visualization of the Blue Origin orbital station.


Boeing, in turn, will be responsible for the operations and maintenance of Orbital Reef. In addition, he will take care of the production of scientific Starliner modules and capsules, which, like the Dream Chaser mini-space shuttle, will be able to transport the crew into space and to the space station.