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Amazon has set up a cloud branch in the Czech Republic.  Plans to expand further

Amazon has set up a cloud branch in the Czech Republic. Plans to expand further

The computer cloud of the American online store Amazon has established an official branch in the Czech Republic and plans to expand there. This was reported by the website, which according to Amazon Web Services (AWS) has acquired several large clients, such as Moneta Money Bank, Innogy, Jablotron or GasNet. AWS Global has been operating in the Czech Republic for a long time, but it has not yet received official commercial support there.

Cloud computing refers to the provision of services or software through servers that can be accessed from the Internet. By renting out server computing power, companies can save on building and managing their own computing infrastructure.

Amazon says it has decided to open a branch because it feels strong demand in the Czech Republic. “We are seeing strong growth, particularly for customers who are sensitive to the local presence of suppliers, usually large companies and the public sector,” said Przymek Söder, Director of E15 Central and Eastern Europe at E15. According to him, AWS has tens of thousands of customers in the Central European region and the Czech Republic has a large share.

Next year, according to E15, Amazon will launch a so-called local area in the Czech Republic. It will install its own servers, thanks to which Czech customers will not only have to access large AWS data centers in Europe and will be able to use local equipment.

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