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Amazon zrušil MMO Lord of the Rings »Vortex

Amazon zrušil MMO Lord of the Rings »Vortex

Bloomberg came with a surprise InformationCanceled by amazon MMO according to The Lord of the Rings (the Lord of the Rings). The game, which was announced two years ago, was developed in cooperation with Amazon Game Studios and the Chinese company Leyou, which owns Digital Extremes, Splash Damage, Athlon Games, Kingmaker and Radiance Games. Leya’s owner has been the giant Tencent since last December.

According to Jason Schreyer, people familiar with the project claim that the dispute between Amazon and Tencent led to the cancellation of the game. An Amazon spokesperson confirmed that after the purchase by Leyou, they were unable to continue the project. The Amazon team that worked on the game will be transferred to other projects. “We love the Lord of the Rings brand and are disappointed that we will not be offering this game to customers,” the spokesperson added in a statement.

It was supposed to be a free for PC and console game that was supposed to be set long before the Lord of the Rings event.

This is another failure Amazon Gaming Studios. This games division has tried time and time again to infiltrate the major publishers, but it was not so lucky. After the Grand Tour came a series of postponements and cancellations. The Nova, Intensity, Breakaway, and Crucible projects have been canceled. The MMO New World has been repeatedly postponed.

MMO The Lord of the Rings was first announced in 2018, then celebrated again in 2019. Athlon Games studio has worked on it. It was supposed to be a free for PC and console game that was supposed to be set long before the Lord of the Rings event. It is said that we will visit lands, characters, and creatures that we have not seen in the Tolkien world before.

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Years of work yielded no results

Amazon spoke of the project as a huge opportunity because they have one of the richest fictional worlds ever. The game features experienced veterans who previously worked for EverQuest, Destiny, PlanetSide or World of Warcraft. Unfortunately, we didn’t see the title running. It was due to be published sometime in 2022.

Amazon continues to work on a TV series in the Mediterranean. However, he should not have direct contact with the game. Amazon has its own game studios in Seattle, Orange County, San Diego, and now also in Montreal.

Another MMO game from The Lord of the Rings Online has been in operation since 2007.

What we wrote about the game in 2019

Together, the authors want to give players a huge world in a game that must run for years, as Founder Leyou Alex Xu promised. Christoph Hartman, vice president of Amazon Game Studios, has also praised the partnership, which he claims they want to make quality games, be it new brands or cultural pillars like Tolkien’s work. “Middle Earth is one of the richest fictional worlds ever, and it provides our team of experienced MMO developers with an incredible opportunity to create and play,” he adds.