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Ambassador Al-Saadi praised Britain’s support for Yemen

News from Yemen, New York – Spain
Ambassador Abdullah Al-Saadi, Permanent Representative of Yemen to the United Nations, today discussed with Barbara Woodward, Permanent Representative of the United Kingdom to the United Nations, the political developments and humanitarian situation in Yemen.

Al-Saadi praised the continued and generous support provided by the United Kingdom to alleviate human suffering, support the peace process and end the conflict. The importance of hosting a donor conference to mobilize support for a humanitarian response plan in Yemen for 2023, which is due to take place in Geneva on 27 February 2023 and will be hosted by Sweden and Switzerland, points to the important role the United Kingdom can play in supporting the peace process.

Ambassador Al-Saadi noted the dangers faced by Yemeni heritage and cultural assets due to the ongoing conflict, which has not received the attention of the international community and has been systematically destroyed, looted and trafficked. He called on the international community to take effective and practical measures to protect this cultural heritage and, in particular, ordered the Security Council to take appropriate measures to ensure the safe return of looted Yemeni antiquities and cultural assets to competent Yemeni institutions.

For his part, Ambassador Woodward affirmed his country’s firm position in supporting efforts to achieve a peaceful solution to the conflict in Yemen, expressing his country’s appreciation for the flexibility and restraint shown by the Yemeni government in dealing with the Special Envoy’s efforts. Secretary General of the United Nations.

He renewed his country’s interest in protecting cultural heritage and archaeological assets, particularly in conflict-affected countries, stressing that his country would spare no effort to work with other members of the Council to come up with a comprehensive and sustainable solution. The Yemen Crisis.

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