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Ambassador Al-Tabas receives the Board of Trustees of the Jordanian Council in the United Kingdom.

London – Omar Smaddy

The delegation was welcomed by Jordanian Ambassador to Britain Manar Al-Tabbas at the Jordanian Embassy in London, Helmi Al-Harase, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Jordanian Forum in the United Kingdom, and members. As part of an open day organized by the Embassy to exchange Eid greetings among Jordanians, a board of trustees from various British cities, including Ali al-Qatumi, Anwar al-Hayari and Iman Ababne, congratulated Eid al-Fitr al-Sayyid on celebrating Eid and improving communication between them.

Ambassador Al-Tabbas welcomed the members of the forum, stressed that the doors of the Jordanian embassy will always be open to all the people of the country, and praised the good efforts made by the forum organizers during the holy month of Ramadan and the various social activities. This has had a major impact, including hosting breakfasts in more than one city in the United Kingdom.

For his part, Helmi Harashe, chairman of the council’s board of trustees, praised the council for its great role in the adoption of the open space policy by all members of the Jordanian community. With everyone.

On behalf of the two Board of Trustees, in recognition of his tireless efforts in facilitating the affairs of the Jordanians in Britain, Harase presented Ambassador al-Tabass with the shield of the House: We appreciate that his Excellency Ambassador al-Tabass accepted the open space. Door to door policy for all sons and daughters of Jordan, his translation of the orders of His Majesty King Abdullah ibn al-Hussein and his desire to be interdependent in the secession of the Jordanians.

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For his part, Ali Kathoumi, vice chairman of the council’s board of trustees, confirmed his appreciation for the effort to open the doors of the embassy to every Jordanian resident or visitor to the United Kingdom. Eid greetings from Jordanian citizens confirm the notion that the embassy considers the home of all exiled Jordanians.

It is noteworthy that the Jordanian Forum in the United Kingdom was established in early 2022 and was officially registered with the local authorities and has taken a number of steps to reunite Jordanians abroad and improve relations between them in several British cities.