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Ambiguity about the fate of the "Internet Restriction" law... and fears within the regime of social anger after its adoption

Ambiguity about the fate of the “Internet Restriction” law… and fears within the regime of social anger after its adoption

The Speaker of the Iranian Parliament, Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf, sent a letter to the Virtual Space Council, asking it to define its overall policies towards cyberspace, while the aforementioned council considered that the parliament is responsible for adopting the Internet restriction project.

These correspondences reveal attempts to evade responsibility for the controversial bill, in light of what appears to be a fear within the Iranian regime’s institutions of adopting a law that restricts the Internet, as it could lead to social anger due to the economic damage that could happen to thousands of citizens after they were cut off from the internet. World Wide Web.

Abul-Hassan Firouzabadi, Secretary of the Cyberspace Council, told “Hamshahri Online” website today, Saturday, April 16 (April), that the Speaker of Parliament sent a letter asking the aforementioned council to define overall policies regarding virtual space.

Firuzabadi added that this request was related to the internet restriction project known as the “Protection” project, saying that Parliament is also trying to make the project “socially reasonable”.

“The virtual space project has been discussed in Parliament for a long time and is always exchanged between the joint committee and parliament,” he added, adding that Qalibaf’s latest request comes within the framework of “an attempt to gain social acceptance” of the project.

Firuzabadi explained that Qalibaf’s message will be considered at the next meeting of the Virtual Space Council.

This message comes as the Virtual Space Council, in its last session, held the Iranian parliament responsible for adopting a law to restrict the Internet.

The members of the Virtual Space Council had confirmed on March 15, during the last meeting of the last Iranian year, headed by Ibrahim Raisi, that “the legislative task is the responsibility of Parliament, so it is better that the project be completed in Parliament as well.”

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A day before this meeting, Firuzabadi had said: “Given the wide social opposition and other problems, I do not see the interest in continuing the project.”

Last March, the Iranian Parliament’s Presidium canceled the decision of the Special Committee on the Internet Restriction Project regarding the accreditation of public colleges for the project, and a new decision was announced in the future.

Also on April 11, the Iranian parliament held a closed session on how to consider the Internet restriction project, after which a number of parliamentarians announced that the project would not be considered by a special committee and should be considered before Parliament.

The Presidium of Parliament has not yet commented on the fate of the final project.