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America is threatened by a shortage of pilots.  This is due to resistance to vaccination

America is threatened by a shortage of pilots. This is due to resistance to vaccination

The vast majority of United Airlines’ 67,000 employees have provided proof of vaccination against the coronavirus. “It was a very difficult decision, but maintaining the safety of our team has always been our top priority,” the company’s management said in a letter to employees.

The airline decided the need to obtain a vaccination certificate for further work on its services in August, that is, before the introduction of US government rules. Thus, all American Airlines employees were required to provide proof of vaccination with at least one dose of the covid-19 vaccine by Monday.

A total of 593 workers who refused the coronavirus vaccination and did not request an exemption for religious or medical reasons are now at risk of losing their jobs. “Our justification for requiring the vaccination of all US employees was simple. To keep our people safe, the truth is that everyone will be safer when everyone around them is vaccinated” BBC Statement from CEO Scott Kirby and President Bret Hart.

However, some of the approximately six hundred employees may remain with United Airlines. In some cases, according to the company, it may have happened that they did not have time to provide a certificate of vaccination in time.

At the same time, the company’s original plan offered employees exempt from the obligation to immunize on United Airlines starting October 2 on temporary unpaid leave. However, after a lawsuit against six employees, the company withdrew from the move.

Other Delta Air Lines will soon charge unvaccinated employees an additional $200 (4,370 kroner) per month for health insurance. The company states that at least 82 percent of its employees have been vaccinated, Writes ABC Web Station.

On September 9, US President Joe Biden ordered all US companies with more than 100 employees to require proof of vaccination against the Coronavirus or to be tested every week. Mandatory vaccinations have been introduced by the administration to employees, agency partners, and federal offices, but some private companies are accessing them as well.

But unions covering US airlines are now asking the White House to exempt pilots, reach NPR station. According to the American Pilots Association, about 30 percent of 14,000 American pilots are still not immune to the coronavirus. The association warns that the mass dismissal of these employees could lead to a serious shortage of pilots at the busy end of the year and thus to a significant and undesirable reduction in the number of flights.