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America: Myths and Legends


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Trump becomes first US president in modern history, Biden becomes second Catholic president in US history: true and fake news

Former US President Donald Trump speaks at the Conservative Political Action Conference on February 28, 2021 in Orlando, Florida. REUTERS / Joe Skippper

There is no paid family leave plan in the United States


According to Family and Medical Leave Act, Employers with 50 or more employees are obliged to provide 12 weeks per year Vacation for parental dutyHowever, in most cases, this happens without any pay. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics Only 16% of private industrial workers are paid while on leave. There are some exceptions. Eight states offer paid family leave through employee payroll tax: California, New Jersey, Rhode Island, New York, Washington, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Oregon and Columbia counties.

Donald Trump was the first US president in modern history not to start a new war


The claim came from Donald Trump Jr., the son of a former president, and it was false. Like Jimmy Carter before Trump, he did not officially declare war on another country during his tenure, the military engaged in protracted conflict, or did not seek permission from Congress to use force. However, the Trump administration has ordered Airstrikes And Drones, Allied fighters coordinated with U.S. troops, stopped Special Operations Forces Middle East Ordered the assassination of an Iranian general Gassem Cholaimani.

Joe Biden is the second Catholic president in American history


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Although one in five American adults is Catholic, John F. Kennedy He was the only Catholic president until Biden took office on January 20. Although religion was an issue for Kennedy, Biden spoke openly about his religious beliefs throughout the election campaign, despite repeatedly pointing out that he would not be “a Catholic president.” His faith was crucial in overcoming the great sorrows of his life (the death of his wife and two children). To conclude his first speech as President-elect, Biden quoted a quote from Psalm 90 from the Bible that inspired Sumantha to believe in “the eagle’s wings.”

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