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America no longer wants to buy Greenland.

America no longer wants to buy Greenland.

America no longer wants to buy Greenland. This was stated by US Diplomatic Ambassador Anthony Blingen on the last day of his foreign tour of the Arctic.

Interest in the purchase of Danish autonomous territory was expressed in 2019 by then-US President Donald Trump, which led to a diplomatic rift with Denmark.

“I am in Greenland because the United States deeply respects our federation and wants to strengthen it,” said Blingen, who arrived at the world’s largest island at the end of his trip, during which time he attended an Arctic Council meeting and held talks with his Russian envoy, Sergei, for the first time. Lavrovem.

Blinken insisted that he did not come to buy Greenland, thus deviating from the policy of the previous administration. Asked if the United States had deliberately abandoned any plans to buy Danish autonomous territory, he replied with a smile: “I can confirm this is it.”

In August 2019, Trump said he was considering buying Greenland, a quarter of the United States. “It basically belongs to Denmark,” he said at the time. “We are very good friends with Denmark and protect Denmark as much as we protect large parts of the world. (…) It is strategically interesting and we will be interested,” he added, comparing a possible deal with a large real estate transaction in which he has been in business all his life. (CDK, Reuters)

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