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The United States has imposed sanctions on Russia, and Moscow is in danger of retaliation

America summoned the Russian Chargé d’Affairs, once again to support the Czech Republic

Updates: 24.04.2021 11:03

WASHINGTON / MOSCOW – The US State Department summoned the Russian charge d’affaires on Friday to express concern over Russia’s “destabilizing actions”. Diplomat Sergei Kosilev at the indictment meeting “categorically denied”, advertiser On Twitter of the Russian Embassy in the United States. American diplomacy in Twitter He renewed “full support for the Czech Republic,” which entered into a diplomatic row with Moscow last Saturday.

A Russian diplomatic mission in Washington said in a tweet on Twitter: “The Russian Chargé d’Affairs took advantage of a meeting at the Foreign Ministry to reject the unfounded allegations against Russia regarding acts of destabilization across the Euro-Atlantic region.” I also attached a screenshot of a previous contribution from the US State Department and the Ministry of European and Eurasian Affairs to announce a summons of a Russian diplomat.

“Today, the Foreign Ministry summoned the Russian Chargé d’Affairs to the Chargé d’Affairs to express concern about the destabilizing actions that Russia continues to carry out across the Euro-Atlantic region (…) and to show our full support for the Czech Republic,” he said.

The diplomatic row between Prague and Moscow erupted on April 17th after the Czech side expressed reasonable suspicion that Russian Military Intelligence was behind the bombings in Verbatis in 2014. The Czechs expelled 18 people from the Russian Embassy in Prague and the Moscow Embassy 20 in Moscow. On Thursday, the Czech Foreign Ministry announced that two other Russian diplomats will forcibly leave the Czech Republic by the end of May. Russia announced that it would switch “in strict parity” in the number of embassy staff. According to Moscow, seven diplomats, 25 administrative and technical staff and 19 employees will remain in each embassy.

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The Czech Republic has previously expressed support for a number of Western countries, in addition to the United States, Britain and Germany. NATO and the European Union also expressed solidarity with the Czech Republic as a member state. And Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia announced in solidarity the deportation of Russian diplomats this week. Moscow has already announced that it will respond to these steps.

Russian diplomatic spokeswoman Maria Zakharov tonight The social networking site Facebook He commented on the thanks of the Czech representatives to the countries that the Czech Republic had supported in the diplomatic row with Moscow. “The head of the Czech diplomacy thanked Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania on Twitter, which announced the deportation of Russian diplomats in solidarity with the Czech Republic. How many Czech classics have happened to me these days. Now it is possible to quote (Karel) Shpak.” Grasshoppers are (grasshoppers) Alone .. not bad at all. The same ..”.

Relations between Russia and the United States intensified further after the United States imposed sanctions on Russia in mid-April and expelled 10 of its diplomats. Washington described it as a response to alleged Russian interference in the US elections in November or cyberattacks on US government institutions and private companies under Moscow’s leadership. Moscow retaliated. Russian-US ambassador Anatoly Antonov temporarily withdrew from Washington over the alleged consultations on March 17, shortly after Biden called Putin a “killer” in a TV interview. According to Russian media, the US ambassador to Moscow, John Sullivan, traveled to the United States this week for consultations.

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