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American actor and Russian citizen Steven Seagal joined the Kremlin-pro-Russia exhibition Scientist

Moskva The American actor, for several years, the Russian citizen Steven Seagal (69) joined the opposition, but at the same time the pro-Kremlin party was the only party of Russia. Referring to the spokesman for the actor, this was reported by the Moscow Daily RBK.

Only Russia is part of the opposition in the State Duma, but this left-wing party is considered as loyal to the current regime as the communists or ultra-nationalists. According to the spokesperson, the hero of action films such as Niko or Hard to Keele was previously a member of Sakhar Prilibin’s For Truth party. This party has recently merged with Just Russia and another political entity. He wants to run in the parliamentary elections in September.

Vladimir Putin with American action hero Steven Seagal, a new gymnasium in Moscow.

Immediately after joining the party, Seagal proposed a tough approach to companies that harm the environment. “If we can’t catch people if we fine them, then they are likely to make more money making things that pollute the environment,” Segal said at a welcome party. He stood before the photographers with Prilibin, who had joined separatist fighters in eastern Ukraine in the past and admitted to leading a combat unit in a conflict that has killed 14,000 people in seven years.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, one of the actors’ fans, granted Seagal Russian citizenship in 2016. But the actor also kept the American actor. Seagal has never hidden his warm relationship with Russia and his admiration for Putin, who sports martial arts like himself. He is a native of Michigan, and he also claims to be of Russian ancestry. Also in 2016, he also acquired the Serbian citizenship. As Russia’s representative, Segal visited Venezuela this month and donated a samurai sword to President Nicholas Madura.

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