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American concern about China's progress in space ... and describes it as "amazing"

American concern about China’s progress in space … and describes it as “amazing”

Armagno added Beijing Made great progress in technology development military space Including areas such as satellite communications and reusable spacecraft that allow nations to rapidly expand their space programs.

“I think it’s entirely possible that they can catch up and certainly outpace us,” she said at an event in Sydney organized by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, a think tank funded in part by the US and Australian governments. “The progress they’ve made has been amazing and fast.”

In the same vein, she said Chinese Space Agency for Manned Flight, Monday, in China The spacecraft will be launched Shenzhou-15 to its space station tomorrow, Tuesday, in the last mission within China’s plan to complete its manned orbital space station.

The agency said in a press conference that the vehicle carries three astronauts And that the space station will be handed over to them within a week by the three astronauts who arrived there in early June.

“During the stay, the Shenzhou-15 crew will receive the visiting Tianzhou-6 cargo ship and receive the manned spacecraft,” a spokesperson for the agency said. Shenzhou-16They plan to return to China’s Dongfeng landing site in May next year.”

In April 2021, China began building the three-module space station with the launch of the Tianhe module, which serves as the main living quarters for astronauts.

It will be completed Chinese space station Designed to remain in operation for at least a decade, it is a significant achievement in China’s ambitions for a near-Earth orbit presence at a time when the aging International Space Station of the US Aeronautics and Space Administration is likely to be retired at the end of this decade.

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