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American journalist: Zelensky regretted playing with rumors of “Russian invasion”


A Time magazine journalist saw that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky consciously supported rumors of an imminent Russian invasion, but the situation with the military hysteria got out of hand and was hurting only Ukraine.

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And journalist Simon Schuster, in a tweet on Twitter, quoted a close associate of the Ukrainian president, that Zelensky regrets that he tried to exploit anti-Russian sentiment in the West, in order to reap benefits.

The American journalist wrote in this regard: “A source close to Zelensky told me that the United States first warned his team of a Russian invasion last fall, indicating a probability of 80%. The Ukrainians did not believe this, but they saw prospects for more aid, more interest, And they played, and now they’re sorry. The interest is very high.”

In recent months, the United States and other members of NATO have accused Moscow of planning to “invade” Ukraine. According to media reports, US President Joe Biden told European leaders that Russia would “attack” its neighbor on February 16.

The Kremlin and the Russian Foreign Ministry denied all the accusations, stressing that the Russians do not participate in the internal Ukrainian conflict and do not violate any agreements, unlike Kiev, which refuses to comply with the Minsk agreements.

The United States, Britain, Canada, France, Poland, Turkey, Lithuania, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Romania and Estonia are involved in supplying weapons worth billions of dollars, while in addition, foreign military trainers continue to arrive in Ukraine, while Moscow has repeatedly called for a halt to the pumping of weapons into the region, because this may push Kiev to Engage in military adventures.

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Source: TASS