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American writer Alice Sebold apologizes to a man she wrongly accused of raping her and for which she was imprisoned for 16 years


American writer Alice Sebold

American writer Alice Siebold has apologized to a man she wrongly accused of raping her and sent him to 16 years in prison before being finally acquitted last week.

“I want to tell Anthony Broadwater I’m so sorry for what I went through,” Alice Sebold wrote in a post on Medium.

Anthony Broadwater, 61, spent 16 years behind bars after being convicted of raping Sebold in 1982, although he continued to plead not guilty. He was released from prison in 1998.

In her memoir “Lucky”, published in 1999, Siebold recounts that she was raped in 1981 on the campus of Syracuse University in New York State, where she was studying, and reported the assault to the police.

Five months later, Broadwater was arrested after Alice saw him walking down a street and thought he was the culprit and alerted the police.

“I am especially sorry for the fact that the life you could have lived was unfairly stolen from you, and I know that no apology can change what happened to you,” Siebold added.

She continued: “I am grateful that Brodoatr was acquitted in the end, but the important point here is that 40 years ago was a young black last been harmed by our judicial system which is tainted by defect.”

The New York State Supreme Court acquitted Anthony Broadwater on November 23.

According to the New York Times, his lawyers, who have worked in recent years to prove his innocence, said the verdict was based solely on the fact that Sebold had said Broadwater was the attacker based on a criminal identification technology discredited today.

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Source: “Monte Carlo”