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"Americans reject state titles" .. A new poll reveals the decline in Megan and Harry's popularity

“Americans reject state titles” .. A new poll reveals the decline in Megan and Harry’s popularity

British opinion polls suggest that American and British people refuse to use Prince Harry and his wife, Megan Markle, for their business deals, political views or personal goals.
According to the British newspaper “Express”, polls show that Megan’s popularity has plummeted across the United Kingdom and across the Atlantic.
He added that the poll came after Megan apologized to the appellate court last week for not disclosing his collaboration with the authors of the controversial autobiography Finding Freedom, and also revealed shocking emails admitting that his father’s letter may have been leaked. To the media.
The newspaper reported that Megan had sued the British newspaper “Mail on Sunday” for publishing parts of a letter she had written to her father, Thomas, in five articles.
He said Megan had recently faced criticism for using her state title while making a series of “cold calls” to U.S. politicians to press for federal-paid parental leave.
“Should husbands use their royal titles for business or political purposes?” In order to answer the question. 73 per cent in the UK and 59 per cent in the US said they would stop.
“Has your opinion of Megan Markle changed in light of the court’s revelations?” When asked that. In the UK, 29 per cent said their popularity had dropped, 62 per cent said their opinion was “still the same” and 20 per cent said they did not think about it now in the US.
In Britain, “Will couples lose their Duke and Duchess titles?” People were divided when they heard that. Nearly half (48 per cent) of respondents in the UK think the couple’s surnames should be removed, while one-third (33 per cent) in the US say they live with their son Archie and daughter Lilliput.
It comes after a week of legal turmoil for 40-year-old Megan in a privacy violation case against the Mail on Sunday newspaper.
The Duchess was forced to apologize for “forgetting” to reveal her collaboration with the book Finding Freedom or In Search of Freedom in a previous trial.
Court documents released on Friday revealed that Harry, 37, had suffered “continuous reproach” from Prince Charles over Megan’s chaotic relationship with her father and the media’s handling.

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