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“America’s Fascists”: A Journey to America’s Far Right Zone

Presented by Marco Santopatre

Speaking of fascism in the United States, the dark images of the Gu Klux Klan with their fiery crosses or the “Nazis of Illinois” tainted in the film “The Blues Brothers”.
But America’s right-wing galaxy is so big and so magical that it has been significantly enriched with new subjects in recent decades.
One of the most useful recent books to divert attention from this network of parties, groups, militants, websites and gurus is, of course, “America’s Fascists,” published by Sky Digi 24 journalist Federico Leoni, who has been paying close attention to American reality for years.
It is an easy but at the same time very detailed reading that can certainly provide the reader with a map of the key acronyms and trends. alt-right The radical right to perceive itself as an “alternative” to the liberal thinking that dominates the American Democratic Party and to the conservatives who dominated the Republican Party a few years ago.
The “fascists of America” ​​- published by Pace Edisoni – also contains some precious chronological indications that allow the evolution of major trends until the attack on the Capitol on January 6 last.
The book explains that there are two points in particular. The first coincides with the election for the White House by Barack Obama, the first African American president. The second, on the other hand, corresponds to Donald Trump’s Republican primary promise and his unexpected promise in the November 2016 presidential election.
If for many Americans Obama’s victory represents a historic end in the struggle for civil rights, then for a significant portion of Americans – especially in rural areas, the southern states, and some former industrial cities in the north – the Democratic candidate’s victory in 2008 was a vicious event that created the conditions for the resurgence of racist extreme right – wingers, based on fake news. Began to confirm a strategy of having and yet conspiring to characterize the character of the right.
As Leoni explains, the pledge of a black president – and considered illegal because he was born out of state (many will remember the smear campaign against Obama) Brothers) – Deep ignorance and violence reinforce America’s fears that it has for many years been impoverished by liberal policies and fears rapid population change: “racial conversion” of real Americans by immigrants; A ban on the free circulation of weapons, which would make it unsafe for “real Americans” to face the persecution of the state apparatus; Plans to seize power by the best international puppets.

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When Trump defeats first the Republican establishment rivals and then the Democratic challenger Hillary Clinton – a woman and liberal hated by the right as president, and the left as the president of the liberal political paradigm in the economy and as a foreign policy interlocutor – the deepest fears around the right become a champion and a champion. If Trump finds organized supporters in these realities and is widely rooted in the web and social media, various groups will use the president to amplify their message and gain credibility and legitimacy.
Among the White House’s new tenants, we recognize the lessons of a whole series of very different, often bitter controversies and contests: from the remaining members of the Gu Klux Klan to the true neo – Nazis, from white supremacists to male chauvinists and conservatives (“pro-racialists” ” The so-called “alt-light”, the sophisticated and intellectual extreme right, is the “second proponents of realism”, the right to possess weapons, from those who support the militia, and from the restrictions and restrictions imposed by the federal government.

Under Trump’s shadow, new trends are emerging that know how to effectively scale positions and campaigns, that is, QAnon’s conspiracy theorists, or the Pride Boys, are beginning to expand their arguments and their tents from the American center to other areas. West. Trumpian slogan “Revitalize America” ​​revitalizes various groups and gives them a common strategic horizon, identifying external adversaries – internationally competing with and less obedient to Washington’s orders – and insiders: blacks, Latinos, feminists, homosexuals, ” Communists “, Muslims, Jews.
The slogan “Make America Greater Again” worries about unemployment, continued welfare cuts and the crisis of traditional American dominance in the world, consolidates and mobilizes the majority of the population, and leads to anger towards the species referred to as sheep evictees. This fall and this era crisis of the American giant. Moreover, the mobilization of the “black life thing” movement against police violence and killings of African American citizens involves highly rowdy groups. dell’alt-right Even in the tough terrain of ethnic and military conflict, the dream and preparation of the full-fledged armed militias, which they regard as a “Second American Revolution”, a “Second Civil War” that restores honor and victory in 1861 was more bloody than the bloody

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The description of the origin, characteristics, and evolution of the major trends of the far right in the United States is effectively linked in Leoni’s book, a vocabulary listing some key words and a description of the symbols and symbols that characterize this diversity. And often paradoxical galaxy.

The galaxy today, despite the defeat of Donald Trump, can see new life in the anger and suffering caused by the stress of isolation and the economic crisis caused by the epidemic. These are the conditions under which the most extremist tendencies in the right-wing landscape can create a cultural ensemble that is conducive to further multiplication, and black terrorism, which has already led to countless massacres and murders in a country, is often underestimated – with guilt – by the dangerous armed groups and individual wolves represented by the hegemon.

Federico Leoni, “Fascists in America. Extreme Rights in America”, Countries Editions, p. 176, 16 euros