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Amid the Ukrainian crisis, a dangerous environmental report on a “major catastrophe from which no one will survive”

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A new report by experts from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has raised the alarm about the consequences of human-caused climate warming.

The report, which is located in thousands of pages, said that the “catastrophic” repercussions of climate warming are already being felt, and will worsen with each increase, albeit small, in the Earth’s temperature, with the multiplication of fires and the melting of permafrost.

The report stated that if the world does not move very quickly to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, it will face a barrage of repercussions from which there is no escape and “sometimes irreversible” in the coming decades, according to what was reported by “Sputnik”.

With droughts, extreme heat, floods, fires, food insecurity, water shortages, diseases and rising water levels, 3.3 to 3.6 billion people, nearly half of the world’s population, find themselves in a situation of “extreme vulnerability”.

The report predicted the extinction of 3 to 14 percent of species on Earth even with a rise in temperature of only 1.5 degrees Celsius, and that by 2050 about one billion people will reside in coastal areas at risk located in large coastal cities or small islands.

If the current commitments are satisfied, emissions are expected to increase by about 14% during the current decade, which would be a disaster.

Hans-Otto Porttner, co-chair of the report’s group at the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, hoped that Russia’s military operation in Ukraine would not obscure the report’s importance, telling AFP that the specter of climate warming “is with us, and ignoring it is not an option.”

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The United Nations has warned that half of the world’s population finds themselves in a very vulnerable position in the face of the harsh and increasing repercussions of climate change, while the inaction of “criminal” officials may reduce the slim chances of a “livable future” on Earth.

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres pointed the finger at heavy emitters “setting fire to the only home we own”.

“I’ve seen many scientific reports in my life, but nothing compares” to the current report, Guterres said, describing it as “a volume that refutes human suffering and constitutes an indictment about leaders’ failure to combat environmental change.”

The burden of this suffering is greater on vulnerable peoples more than others, such as indigenous people or poor groups, as the report stressed, but rich countries are not immune from these repercussions, which was evident in the floods that swept Germany or the violent fires that spread in the United States last year. .