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Amidst difficulties.. Russian forces control the outskirts of Oglidar

He announced the advisor to the Acting President of the Republic DonetskIgor Kimakovsky, that the Russian troops entered Oglidar.

He added, in a statement on the air on the “Solovyov Live” channel, in response to a related question, “They have barricaded themselves in the outskirts of OgledarThus, they restrained the enemy’s forces.”

He continued, saying: “Our artillery bombards the enemy who is trying to launch a counterattack.”

Kimakovsky emphasized that Russian forces It has tightened its control over sites on the outskirts of the city of Oglidar, located on the axis of southern Donetsk, indicating that the fighting continues there against Ukrainian units.

And yesterday a spokesperson confirmed Ukrainian General Staff Oglidar is witnessing fierce battles, and the Russian forces are trying to storm the city.

And she was Russian Ministry of Defense Earlier this month, it announced the advance of its offensive units near the Oglidar area.

Difficulty storming Ogledar

On the other hand, Yan Gagin, the presidential advisor in the Republic of Donetsk, said today, Thursday, that the storming of Ogledar is accompanied by difficulty due to the presence of a large number of coal mines manifold and underground infrastructure facilities.

He noted that this makes it similar to the storming of Madinaty Mariupol Andsolidar.

Gagin added, “Very fierce battles are taking place near Oglidar, and our forces are currently occupying new sites on the outskirts of the city. Fighting has already begun on the outskirts of the city, which contains a large complex of facilities.” Infrastructure underground, including interconnected mines. All this makes the intrusions more complicated,” according to the Russian news website Russia Today.

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Gagin continued, “While approaching the city in recent weeks, the enemy made desperate attempts to use aircraft to distance us from these lines. But he failed to do so and lost a lot of equipment and personnel.”

Gagin noted that:Ukrainian forces, located in Oglidar itself, are units and platoons of varying strength and armament, which are assembled there in a completely chaotic manner. Of course, the number of these forces is relatively large, but their main problem lies in the lack of means of communication between them, which makes their cooperation difficult.”