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أمير المصرى يحتفل بعرض LIMBO فى سينمات بريطانيا وأيرلندا: رحلة لا تصدق.. فيديو

Amir Al Masri Celebrates Limbo In British And Irish Theaters: The Incredible Journey .. Video

The star, Aamir Al-Masri, expressed happiness at the presentation of his new film Limbo In theaters in the United Kingdom and Ireland, today, Friday, July 30th, he emphasizes that he made an incredible and exciting journey with this film.

Poster for the movie Prince of Egypt

Al-Masri posted a promotional ad for the film on his Instagram account: “The day has finally come” Limbo Now in theaters in the UK and Ireland, “More:” What an incredible journey with this film, I can not wait to share it with all of you. Thank you to all the actors and actresses who performed all of this. “

Remember the picture Limbo He received many reviews and wrote a magazine வரிட்டே “Director Sherlock, believing in the abilities of British-Egyptian star Amir al-Masri, was able to express layers of shock behind his character, producing a film that balances between fun and anger with a strong acting performance. ” Hollywood Reporter “Emerging British-Egyptian talented star Amir al-Masri performed a quiet emotional performance as Omar in the film Limbo “, Defender “Amir al-Masri managed to express feelings of fear and hesitation by playing loudly in the light of these crises, so the performance of Umar’s character in the film is quite dramatic.“.

Prince of Egypt
Prince of Egypt

The events of the film take place Limbo Change the character of a young musician with a promising future to move to a Scottish island away from his Syrian family waiting for the end of his asylum application. The film reveals how multiculturalism is affected by the suffering of the refugee faith..

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Amir al-Masri is an Egyptian-British actor who has won numerous awards and has collaborated with some of the biggest international film stars such as Tom Hiddleston, Hugh Larry, Olivia Coleman and Woody Harrelson. Alamein Hamouda and three.

He completed his studies in London to graduate from the Academy LamdaAnd he begins his artistic career பன்னீர் (2014), and then he had the opportunity to star in several works to prove himself in front of an audience and critics as a rising British genius.