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Amir Mortada: Zamalek players joined the Egyptian national team “without our knowledge”

Amir Mortada: Zamalek players joined the Egyptian national team “without our knowledge”

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Amir Mortada, the general supervisor of football at the Egyptian club Zamalek, said that his team players joined the ranks of the Egyptian national team without the knowledge of the administration and the technical staff, as the “Pharaohs” are currently participating in a local camp, which includes two friendly matches. with Niger and Liberia.

CNN in Arabic contacted the administrative body in the Egyptian national team, but it did not immediately receive a response, about the Zamalek club’s players joining the “Pharaohs” camp.

Mortada had spoken on the Zamalek channel, saying: “The players joined the ranks of the team without our knowledge, and we were surprised during the team exercise that the team’s players were not present, and an administrator in the team had communicated with the players by phone and informed them of this,” adding: “We are in the exercise, we noticed that 4 players are not present, so I spoke to the players, where are you? They said: We are in the national team camp, and of course we knew the names of the team’s players through the official account of the Football Association,” he said.

And the general supervisor of the ball in Zamalek continued by saying: “We explained to the Football Association the team’s situation and that we have an important official match in an official tournament, so we have only 14 players left to participate in the next match, and 3 of them are guards,” as he put it.

And he continued: “We have previously spoken with the Football Association, in order to resolve the matter, either by communicating with the African Union to postpone the meeting with Elect Sport Chadian Club, or for the coach of the national team to allow the players to stay with Zamalek.”

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He continued, “But late on Tuesday night, the national team manager contacted me and asked me for 4 players, but after what? .. After the players joined and told the team management that their club management had no knowledge of their joining, I am not ready to lose an official match in an African championship from For a friendly match for the Zamalek players with the national team, whom the coach (Roy Vitoria) knows well,” as he put it.

Next Sunday, Zamalek will meet with its Chadian counterpart, Elect Sport, in the second leg of the preliminary round of the 2023 African Champions League, and Zamalek had won the first leg with two goals for free.