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Amir objects and 149 goals .. Brazil-Argentina meeting brings back memories of strange football matches

Amir objects and 149 goals .. Brazil-Argentina meeting brings back memories of strange football matches

In 1994, 21 Caribbean nations met in the Caribbean Cup, and in the final match of the group qualifying for the final, between Barbados and Grenada, they had to win by two goals to qualify at the expense of the former opponent.

With FIFA eager to try new things, the tournament organizers accepted the Golden Goal rule, which is a strange addition, meaning not only does the scoring team win in extra time, but the goal is awarded with two goals.

In addition, the match cannot end in a draw, so extra time will be used if the decision is made.

Barbados were unanswered with two goals until Grenada scored in the 83rd minute, meaning Barbados were outscored by one goal.

The Barbados players struggled to break Grenada’s clumsy defense in the next few minutes, and if they scored a home goal, the game would move to extra time, and they scored the golden goal, counting two goals enough to qualify.

With three minutes left in the match, Barbados defender Terry Seeley and goalkeeper Horace Stout exchanged the ball between themselves before Seeley could shoot the ball into his own goal.

At this point, the Grenada players realized that they could qualify by scoring against Barbados or by scoring against themselves, with a score of 3-2 to win or lose.

The final minutes of normal time were an unusual combination of strangeness as the Grenada players frantically tried to score on any goal, and Barbados defended their own goal and Grenada’s goal at the same time.

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The Grenada team failed to score, and in extra time the Barbados players scored the golden goal and qualified for the final.