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Amira Fathi reveals the reason for her return to the art scene after a long absence

Amira Fathi reveals the reason for her return to the art scene after a long absence

Amira told “Sky News Arabia”, that her absence from… Cinema For many years, it was unintentional, as she did not intend for this period to disappear from her audience, but the cinema during this period was suspended, and she does not work only for work, she is always looking for a topic that she feels and loves so that she can present it, expressing this, saying: I am not concerned with presenting a work of art every year as much as I am interested in doing something that I believe in, that is good and that the audience likes.

The first one is sweet

Fathi indicated that what motivated her to try the movie “The first one is sweet“, who is co-starring Hamza Al-Ali Darin Haddad, Siham Jalal, Rania Shaheen, and a group of other artists, and its events revolve within a social and romantic framework. The topic is distinguished, as it discusses the relations between men and women and their problems, and the character they present is new and different, and it will be a surprise to the audience.

She added that she embodies the character of a girl named “Samar”, an Italian translator, who falls into romantic relationships, and the film revolves around her story.

And about the current film competition, where there are many Movies The strong, such as (Al-Arif, some do not go to the authorized, Al-Nams and Al-Anas), and others, indicated that she is very happy with the return of cinema again, and the presence of stars such as (Ahmed Ezz, Mohamed Henedy, Karim Abdel Aziz), and others in one year, explaining that the competition A beautiful thing, as it creates the spirit of work and always looking for the best.

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Social media

And about her relationship with social media, she made it clear that she does not like her, and when she is criticized, she is keen to respond and embarrass the followers with literature, as she described it, explaining that she does not like to have a large number of followers, who directs her outward words, and they remain on her page, she prefers To have a few followers, but they like her and treat her politely.

Fathi revealed, in this context, that she was subjected to verbal harassment, by some women on Social MediaShe said: “I was shocked when I found harassment from women more than men, and I see women who do that. We should not describe them as feminine, because they uttered words that even men did not utter.”

She explained that despite her lack of love for social media, she has some advantages, such as breaking the barrier created by some workers in the artistic community, to show some stars and hide some, because social media has become the one who makes stars and shows their talents to everyone.