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Amira Fayala.. Egyptian among the 40 most important researchers in clinical pathology

Amira Fayala.. Egyptian among the 40 most important researchers in clinical pathology

Dr. Fayala, who holds a PhD in biochemistry from Alexandria University and is a consultant in medical analysis, is the first Egyptian woman to be selected for this award.

Amira explains to “Sky News Arabia” that the choice was based on her research in treating cancer without chemotherapy, adding, “Cancer is cells, and there is a stem source that makes cancer cells grow again, which is what has been focused on treating through genes, this type of cells deviating from its path and my research team is working to return it to its normal path.”

Amira highly appreciates her research team in the Faculty of Science at Alexandria University, which is headed by Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and the former head of the Department of Biochemistry at the faculty, Dr. Ahmed Sultan.

Fayala also highlighted that the selection was made by the American Society to coincide with the 100th anniversary of its founding, as it is the oldest and largest organization in pathology in the world, and one of the societies that participate in the Nobel Prize nominations.

cumulative success

Amira affirmed that “her success was not a coincidence, but rather a cumulative work,” because she and her research team won the first and second place for best cancer research on the continent of Africa for the year 2017 from the American Society for Cancer Research. In 2018, she received her doctorate based on research, including on the treatment of liver cancer stem cells. In 2020, she won the Excellence Award in the management of research laboratories and medical analysis.

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Each year, the American Society of Clinical Pathology classifies and nominates its members for awards, with 40 winners under the age of 40.

Amira Fayala: Egypt is distinguished in research

Amira hopes that scientific research in Egypt will be applied in a practical way, adding: “Our research is funded by the Academy of Scientific Research in Egypt, which supports researchers, but the important thing is the application, which is a process entrusted to doctors, as we help them in research and experiments on human cells, where we were able to Separating cancer stem cells from normal cells, and doctors should apply this in a scientific manner, especially since the state supports them greatly,” stressing that “Egypt is full of distinguished researchers, but they need leaders in the scientific field to help them achieve their dreams.”

For his part, Dr. Ahmed Sultan, head of the research team in which Fayala works, confirmed that he established three large units in a huge laboratory and formed a research team of more than 40 people, “to prepare students differently with what we reach from the largest scientific conferences in the world.” “.

According to Dr. Ahmed Sultan, a professor at Georgetown University Cancer Medical Center in the United States, “The new technology that he worked with Amira works on reaching unconventional treatments for cancer through the use of artificial intelligence with cancer stem cells. Radiation destroys normal cancer cells and does not destroy cells.” Stem cells, which are persistent in the body, and after the tumor is removed, they reappear. We are currently working through gene therapy to eliminate cancer stem cells, which makes normal cells very weak and can be destroyed permanently chemically at a dose representing 1/10 of the normal dose of chemotherapy.”

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Sultan indicated that the trials focused on breast, liver and prostate cancers through modern technology that provides radiotherapy and reduces side effects.

Technique personal therapy

Another angle referred to by Dr. Ahmed Sultan and the research team is working on it is “personal treatment,” adding, “A sample of the cancerous tumor is taken for each case and experiments are conducted on it in the laboratory, and the results that are reached within ten days are amazing, allowing the best chemotherapy to be given. The least toxic to the patient.