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Amira Muhammad announces the start of filming her scenes in the series "Nafs Al-Hanin"

Amira Muhammad announces the start of filming her scenes in the series “Nafs Al-Hanin”

The artist, Amira Muhammad, announced the start of filming her scenes in the series “Nafas Al-Hanin”, without revealing the features of the role she presents, but she indicated the place where she filmed her scenes, which is the State of Kuwait.
Amira Muhammad shared, with her followers, a picture from behind the scenes of the work, in which she appeared while holding the pointer of the shot, or as it is known as “The Clacket”, and commented on the photo, saying: “I started filming the series The same longing…in beloved Kuwait.”
“The Same Nostalgia” includes a number of artists, headed by Ilham Al-Fadala, Maram Al-Balushi, Amira Muhammad and a number of other artists. Situations will be in the form of light comedy.

It is noteworthy that the artist Amira Muhammad participated in the last Ramadan drama season, in the series “Al-Zaqoum”, which included a number of stars, headed by Saad Al-Faraj, Haifa Hussein, Fatima Al-Hosani and others, and written by the writer Ismail Abdullah.
The contemporary heritage drama talks about the residents of a village exposed to various events that take place in specific epochs, starting from the last quarter of the last century up to the present day, and it reviews thorny social issues between the past and the present.
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