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أميرة نايف تكشف سبب خوفها من مشهد الإغراء في "جاءنا البيان التالي"

Amira Nayef reveals the reason for her fear of the temptation scene in “The Statement We Came.”

11:31 PM

Thursday, December 15, 2022

Books – Masrawy:

The Jordanian actress, Amira Nayef, was a guest on the “Kalam Al-Nas” program shown on MBC Egypt, with the presenter, Yasmine Ezz, and she talked about the scenes of her role in the famous movie, “The following statement came to us,” in front of the star Mohamed Heneidy, and his most prominent sentence: “Taleh.” loan, need.”

And she said about the role: “I was feeling ashamed.. I didn’t know how to do the scene of seduction, because the artist, Mohamed Kamel, is the one who presents the role in front of me, and this increased my fear more, because he is my aunt’s husband, in fact.”

And Amira Nayef continued: “I was like his daughter and he always wore me on his leg and he brought me chocolate. In the movie, he shrieked at me and said I wanted a dominant woman.

The actress, Amira, explained that she enjoys multiple cultures to learn in Egyptian schools, unlike her travels to Jordan and Syria, which helped her accept many ideas and customs, while her main accent is Egyptian.

And she indicated that she was not inclined to deal with bold scenes in artworks, she said: “I presented the temptation in the Al Rayyan series, and they wanted to separate me some open needs from the chest, and I told them to look at the performance of Hudy Levin.”

And she continued: “The natural temptation is to wear a short one, but it is possible to wear a long one, but a figure in addition to movement and performance, and this is because the artist must depend on every detail inside him.”

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