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Amira Selim finishes recording “Marwat Ak” in Egyptian Old Cairo with harp player Mona Wasef

Posted on: Friday, December 23, 2022 – 7:38 PM | Last update: Friday, December 23, 2022 – 7:38 PM

The international soprano, Amira Selim, finished putting the final touches on her new romantic song in the ancient Egyptian language, which is called “Marwat Ak” or “Your Love”, with the help of sound engineer Mufdi Thabet, and with the participation of harpist Mona Wasef, to present one of the romantic poems from the papyri of the ancient Egyptians. , to the public during the festive season, Christmas and New Year’s celebration.

Amira said: “I worked on my artistic vision on Bach’s Prelude piece, which inspired me to improvise the lyrical melody on it through the poem “Mrwat Aak”. “.

And she continued: “I felt that this case is the most appropriate for this song, as the audience will find in it a mixture and merger between classical music and singing in an ancient color and language.

She added that she did not hesitate to propose the idea to her friend, the Egyptian harpist Mona Wasef, who shared her enthusiasm and admired the idea, the artistic vision, and the accompanying message artistically and musically, continuing: “Our love for this country and its great history unites us, and indeed we started rehearsals in order to agree on the spirit, performance, and dealing with musical phrases and the soul.” And the feeling, and the beautiful thing is that we understand each other technically and humanly, so we did not encounter difficulties, but rather we enjoyed every moment, and we recorded the song with the help of the able sound engineer Mufdi Thabet.

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And about her cooperation with Thabet, she indicated that it was not the first time that they cooperated together, as they performed together the chant of Isis in the event of the mummies, “and it is an experience that will remain in history, and therefore I was happy to repeat the experience with him in Marwat Ak and consider it a continuation of what we started,” adding that the new song It is the beginning of a journey that will not end and will pass through many different stations with songs and other chants in different colors and musical forms whose goal is artistic, historical and popular at the same time in order to revive the ancient Egyptian language and create a connection and link that brings Egyptians together with their history through art, music and singing. Egyptology and the Great History of Egypt”.

While the harp player, Mona Wassef, said that when Amira contacted her about the idea of ​​the work, “I loved her very much,” as it expresses the Egyptian identity by employing the ancient Egyptian language and the harp instrument in an old chant and mixing it with one of Bach’s famous compositions.

And she continued: “I was also excited because it would be presented with the accompaniment of the Egyptian harp instrument, as it is the first stringed instrument of the ancient Egyptians, and it had a major role in playing it in many aspects of life, whether in prayers and funeral ceremonies for the dead after embalming or joy, and the tanning paragraphs in the courts of kings and queens.”

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Wasef added, “We started rehearsals together, and the truth is that we did not need a long time to prepare because there is a convergence of spirit between me and a princess by virtue of friendship by making us understand each other quickly, which is reflected in the way we work and perform, despite our long friendship, but the first artistic meeting was at a rehearsal ceremony.” The opening of her father’s retrospective exhibition at the Arts Complex in Zamalek, and I was very happy to cooperate with a person with a beautiful soul and a very distinguished artist.