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Amr Abdel Aziz: The coincidence behind my joining Ayamna El Helwa band.. and starting with the song Al Kimi Kami Ka

Amr Abdel Aziz: The coincidence behind my joining Ayamna El Helwa band.. and starting with the song Al Kimi Kami Ka

Khaled Hossam El Din

Posted on: Tuesday, December 13, 2022 – 4:32 AM | Last updated: Tuesday, December 13, 2022 – 4:32 AM

The young artist, Amr Abdel Aziz, said that his joining the “Our Sweet Days” band was by chance, explaining: “They are my friends and I was keen to attend their concerts, and my relationship is good with Muhammad Othman, and I have every appreciation and respect for him, so I tell him, O Othman, I had a good song for me and I was richer with you.” On the stage, he looked at me like this and said, “Okay, don’t come out.” I told him, “You want the entire history of the band to go like this.”

Amr added, during his meeting with the journalist Amr Al-Laithi, on his program “One of the People” on the “Al-Hayat” screen: “It was a wonderful experience, and indeed I participated with them in the first party, so I told him, but on the condition that you choose the song for me, and after 10 days I found him calling me saying we have Tomorrow’s rehearsal come, and I went and he said we are having a party at the El Sawy Culture Wheel and you will go out with us in it and you will sing the song Al-Kimi Kami Ka by Mr. Mahmoud Abdelaziz, and if it is complete, say it completely, and if it is not like that, consider it once and I promised, and I did complete rehearsals and we came at the hour of the party, all the singers are my colleagues, God willing, we will come out They sing, singers, their voices are rigid, and suddenly I found Othman Peshawar me with his hand, it is my turn to sing that is coming ».

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And he continued: «I found my hands calling and consulting why not, and a little bit, he presented me and sang, and I was surprised by a great reaction from the audience, and Muhammad Othman approached me while I greeted the audience and said, You are salvation. Why are the songs or those around him? I call him Tarzi in his choices. I know the exact size of each one’s voice, and I say that I am not a singer. I am a performer, so he knows how to hire me in the right place.