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Amr Adib comments on Hamza Namira and Cairokee’s concert in Riyadh | news

The media, Amr Adib, revealed his happiness at the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s hosting of the artist Hamza Namira and the Cairokee team in a concert that brings them together.

After the end of Hamza Namira’s segment, Adeeb said: “Hamza Namira is an educated singer who loves to diversify our Iraqi, Gulf, Syrian and Palestinian songs, all in a dangerous cocktail. , But the jewel of the party that people interacted with of all nationalities was (My country is my country, I want to go to my country), and in the song it passed through all the governorates of Egypt, especially Sinai, the land of turquoise and the heroes of the land of turquoise, and in the end the audience chose it to conclude the ceremony.

He added: A party of fire is a fire, all of it is Hafez and Begni with Hamza, and Hamza himself is happy and beautiful.

Before the ceremony, Amr Adib confirmed that the concert was special, especially that it was prepared and held in a short period of time, and said: “I love Hamza Namira very much, I love Cairokee and their songs and their combination of old and new songs and Umm Kulthum’s voice as she sings (You had me, you had you, you had you),” It’s a different form of music and it’s worth watching.”

It is noteworthy that Hamza Namira will perform on Saturday, June 11, another concert in Jeddah with Cairokee team.

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