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Amr Diab presents the clip for the song “Al-Ser” | news

The great star Amr Diab released the clip of the song “The Secret” as part of the Egyptian Postal Authority’s promotional campaign during the holy month of Ramadan.

Amr Diab appeared during the clip in separate areas of Cairo, where he made sure that the song expresses the Egyptian identity and the ancient history of the Egyptian Postal Authority.

The song is written by Ayman Bahjat Qamar, composed by Mohamed Yahya, distributed by Ahmed Ibrahim, mix and digital by Amir Mahrous, and directed by Tarek El-Erian.

The song will also be released tonight on the Anghami app to be available to the public for free.

Amr Diab’s photo of the song “The Secret”, which was taken by photographer Karim Nour, topped the trend of the social networking site Twitter, just one hour after its release yesterday.

It is noteworthy that Amr Diab finished filming the song during the past few days, with director Tarek El-Erian, as the entire filming took place in separate areas of Cairo.

On the other hand, Amr Diab is preparing to perform a big party at Al Ittihad Arena in Abu Dhabi on May 3, coinciding with Eid Al Fitr.

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