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An American artist launches a photographic series to imagine the interaction of ancient humans with technology.. Pictures

Written by: Shaima Abdel Moneim

Thursday, May 04, 2023 05:00 PM

The tremendous technological development witnessed by our current era opens up new horizons for artists and specialists in all fields to search for new forms of life and art, but also to return with their imaginations to the past to imagine how the details of life would have become if they had found some of the existing technology andartificial intelligence In the past centuries that our ancestors lived.

Among the questions about what life was like in the past, if combined with some of the factors of current technology, came the thinking and research about how ancient humans would have dealt with a smart phone if they had been able to obtain it during the time period in which they lived? Will they flee in fear of this small and strange device, or will they be curious to check out the secrets of this device?

The ancestors of the British soldiers

It was the Filipino-American digital artist, J.M. Kilgore, who thought about these questions and decided to answer them, imagining a glimpse of what it would look like through a made-up photographic series. with artificial intelligence She is called “Time Period Selfies”It has been widely circulated on the Internet.

When thinking of soldiers, samurai warriors, or even cavemen, history books often paint them in a serious way, and here “Kilgore” shows different and more spontaneous scenes of people from different eras, as they take “selfies” with wide smiles, including a group of ancient Egyptian warriors With their spears, their helmets, and their shields.

Soldiers through the ages
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Ancestors of the ancient Egyptians

And in an interview with the website CNN In Arabic, Kilgore said, “The inspiration for the project came from my fascination with the idea of ​​time travel,” explaining that the “Back to the Future” series(Back to the Future) The famous is considered one of his favorite cinematic works.

The American artist used a program called “Midjourney V5”to form these images made with artificial intelligence, and drew the project, which Kilgore shared through his account on the website Reddit The interest of many people and platforms online.

When it comes to history, people often feel like they are watching events from a distance, and it can be difficult to form any real connection with people in the past, according to the artist..

Ancestors of the Red Indians

So something as simple as a selfie can be a powerful tool in providing relevant, identifiable context to help us “see these people as more than just names in the history books.”

“Humans are indeed social beings, and taking a picture with friends and loved ones is universal and timeless. Seeing these pictures of smiling people from different time periods can help us realize that the people who lived in those times were just like us.”

Caveman ancestor

Samurai warriors in Japan.