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فنانة أمريكية تثير الجدل بما يحدث لها خلال النوم

An American artist raises controversy about what happens to her while she sleeps

The American actress, Jennifer Aniston, explained that she faced difficulties sleeping, including a problem with insomnia for two decades, and walking while she was asleep.

Aniston, 53, confirmed that she had dealt with years and even decades of sleep problems, starting with insomnia and passing through sleepwalking, and ending with anxiety during sleep, which made her afraid to spend another night counting the cracks in the walls, according to (Sputnik in Arabic).

“I think it started at some point in my thirties, or even earlier, but you don’t start to notice the effects of lack of sleep when we’re younger because we feel invincible,” said the heroine of the popular series “Friends.”

“It was at first that it was something I was going to accept, and then suddenly I realized the effects of lack of sleep, and how it affects your day, your work and the function of your mind and body.”

About her walking asleep, Jennifer Aniston revealed that she did on occasion, but luckily stopped, as far as she knew, as she said, “I’ve been known to walk asleep, and I’d be woken up by home alarms, and I don’t think I’m doing that now, and that was when I’m so sleep deprived.”

Jennifer Aniston says she got rid of her insomnia sleep problems by getting help from a doctor, and joining a new campaign called Seize Day and Night, where people can find news and tips for dealing with their sleep issues.

In addition to this, Aniston has started practicing a night ritual that made a big difference to her, which is doing some stretching exercises or yoga, and leaving her smartphone outside her bedroom, and she has also accustomed herself to getting enough sleep, whether in her spare days or while photographing a work of art. .

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And the American actress revealed that the one thing she doesn’t want to give up, even if it means better rest, is sleeping in bed with her three dogs.