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An American diver tried to be eaten by a whale, but after a while he spat it again - ČT24 - Czech TV

An American diver tried to be eaten by a whale, but after a while he spat it again – ČT24 – Czech TV

The diver said he was at a depth of about 14 meters near the beaches of Provincetown, Massachusetts. “Suddenly I felt a big commotion and everything turned black,” he said. He thought he was attacked by a shark, but he didn’t feel any teeth or pain. Then I thought – oh my god, I’m in the mouth of a whale. I’m inside a whale trying to swallow me.’

According to CNN, Packard is an experienced diver. “It occurred to me that I was still breathing, and I had a device on my back. Am I going to breathe in until I ran out of oxygen?”

“Then I thought – well, that will be the case. And I thought of the children and the woman. There is no way out of here.”

It was estimated that half a minute remained between the jaws of the huge creature until the humpback whale appeared on the surface and spit out. Suddenly he came out and started shaking his head. He threw me in the air and I was free and floating on the water. I couldn’t believe I got over it. “And I’m here now to describe it,” Packard said.

A colleague pulled him into a boat, and soon took him ashore, and to the nearest hospital. It was “completely scratched,” Packard said, but other than that it was fine.

A surprise for both of them

Biologist and director of the Provincetown Center for the Study of Humpback Whales, Jock Robbins, sees it as a coincidence. “Normally, humpback whales don’t do anything like that. I thought it was a surprise to both parties,” she said. According to her, humpback whales sometimes try to eat a large amount of food very quickly. “It doesn’t always see everything,” she said.

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He doesn’t even think that the cetacean could swallow Packard. Humpback whale is characterized by a narrow neck in which there is not enough space for the whole person.

Coastal water biologist Charles Mayo agrees with Robbins. “It’s like sitting down to a delicious meal and a fly suddenly flies in your mouth,” he said. Like Robbins, you don’t remember anything like this ever happening.

However, according to him, Packard was in a really dangerous situation. Not because the animal swallowed it, but because of the air pressure the humpback whale had in its lungs when it appeared and spat. Packard is said to be at risk of blockage. “He had to keep his cool. To get out of a situation like this, you have to be a professional to do that. He survived because he was smart. He’s a smart, strong guy and he’s lucky,” he said of Packard.