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An American plan in Europe .. Russia talks about the "secret of NATO"

An American plan in Europe .. Russia talks about the “secret of NATO”

And Zakharova wrote, on her account on “Telegram”: “Want Washington Transforming the European integration project into a NATO annex, into a regional economic circle, and within a truly new configuration to control the entire Western world from Capitol Hill.”

A spokeswoman drew Russian Foreign Ministry She pointed out that “the European Union has been a purely economic association for decades. Within its framework, general political files were coordinated, including the common line of foreign policy, but military and national defense issues were not raised to the level of the Union,” noting in this context that the US President Joe Biden At the recent EU summit in Brussels, he publicly called for NATO and the European Union to agree on a “deep partnership” for defense purposes.

and pushed Zakharova With the conclusion that the plan of the strategists in Washington is exactly the opposite, and “since… United State dominated the NATO Since the founding of the alliance, it also wishes that everything that happened “under the umbrella” of the European Union should not be left without their oversight.

A spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry stressed that Washington “You don’t want to develop Europe, you don’t want to see it strong, united and independent,” pointing out that the exit factor Britain From the US-backed European Union, as well as the nature of the anti-Russian sanctions, which primarily hit Europe, prove this.

European Union leaders were at the summit Brussels They have approved the community’s first defense strategy, the “EU Strategic Compass”.

The European Commissioner for Security and Foreign Policy, Josep Borrell, indicated that the EU countries, within the framework of the new defense concept, intend to act faster and more decisively in the face of crises, ensure the security of their citizens in the face of rapidly changing threats, invest in military capabilities and enter into partnerships with other countries, to reach this goal.

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