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An American scientist warns of an “alien enemy” obscured by the glare of the sun

An American scientist warns of an “alien enemy” obscured by the glare of the sun

An American scientist warns of an “alien enemy” obscured by the glare of the sun

Sunday – 25 Dhu al-Hijjah 1443 AH – 24 July 2022 AD

Objects near the Earth (European Space Agency)

Cairo: Hazem Badr

Scott Sheppard, a scientist at the Institute of Astronomy at the University of Hawaii, has warned of the consequences of the space science community’s ignoring of near-Earth objects located in the direction of the sun known as NEOs, describing them as a “space enemy” of the Earth.
Sheppard said in a scientific article published yesterday in the journal “Science”, that the time has come for the space science community to take a closer look at these objects that represent a potential danger if they collide with Earth, especially since the technology that can help in the search for such objects and find them, At least during the twilight hours, they are now available.
In his article, Sheppard points out that most space stares are fixed in the dark night sky, when the sky is not flooded with sunlight. Where one or more of them could be on a road that leads to them hitting the ground.
Scientists have not completely ignored those near-Earth objects that are obscured by the glare of the sun, and many of them have recently been discovered, but Sheppard says that more such studies are needed to learn more about these objects.
He explained that a team recently discovered an asteroid that has an orbit within the orbit of Venus, and another that has the shortest journey around the sun, and indicates that the new facilities have the necessary capabilities to study such near-Earth objects, such as the Zwicky facility in the United States and the Victor Blanco telescope facility. Also known as the 4m Blanco in Chile, the latter contains a dark energy camera that can be directed close to the sun.
Sheppard concluded his article by inviting researchers to try to answer a question related to one of those bodies, which bears the name “Atira asteroids” or “inner Earth bodies,” and said: “It is noticed that the numbers of these bodies remain relatively constant, which is somewhat surprising, based on the Computer models and the number of these objects that hit the Earth or the moon or other celestial bodies, and therefore their numbers should decrease, but the observations indicate that they are renewed in one way or another, and I think that efforts should be made to find out where these near-Earth objects come from and why?”


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