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أمريكى يروى تفاصيل مرعبة حول نجاته من تمساح قطع ذراعه فى فلوريدا

An American tells terrifying details about his survival from an alligator cut off his arm in Florida

American citizen Eric Merda was fatally attacked by a crocodile in Florida, but he miraculously survived to tell his story, CBS News confirmed that there are at least 6 crocodile attacks this season around the Tampa Bay area..

American Eric said he got lost in the woods during a camping trip near the Miaka River, southwest Florida, and when he finally found the lake, he decided to swim instead of wandering in the hope of getting to camp faster..

“The decision to swim was not the smartest decision a Florida man could make,” Merda said.

He continued, “I tried to fight for my life, he pulled me 3 times down the river and I fought back and got up again, and finally cut my arm the third time and dived down.”

And the American website stated, that Mirda’s suffering did not stop there, as he spent 3 days trying to find a way out of the forest..

“You can’t see anything, everything is tall and trees surround you on all sides,” Merda said.“.

He continued: After 3 days in the forest, I found a fence and a man on the other side of it, and I asked him for help after the crocodile cut my arm“.

The man advised the residents of the state not to feed the crocodiles or throw rocks and stones at them, and people should leave them alone to avoid harm.

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