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An Arab beach in sixth place among the 10 most famous destinations in the world

If you are planning a vacation, you might want to consider starting your search on “Tik TokHaving become a short-form video app, it’s one of the first places people go to get reviews of restaurants and travel destinations – including some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

A recent study by British luxury holiday company Destination2 collected the most popular beaches on TikTok using their hashtags, and ranked them based on views.

Bondi Beach, in Australia ranked first on the list with more than 3 times as many views as the second beach on the list.

Bondi Beach is famous for its surfing scene and is one of the most popular spots in the world.

The ranking of the 10 most popular beaches on Tik Tok came:

Bondi Beach, Australia (445.8 million views)

Pattaya Beach, Thailand (128.5 million views)

Nha Trang Beach, Vietnam (64.6 million views)

Vung Tau Beach, Vietnam (61.9 million views)

Waikiki Beach, United States (43.7 million views)

JBR Beach, Dubai (30.3 million views)

Kelingking Beach, Indonesia (30 million views)

Santa Monica Beach, USA (29 million views)

Airlie Beach, Australia (27.8 million views)

Whitehaven Beach, Australia (23.5 million views)

Pattaya Beach in Thailand came in second place. According to the “Destination2” study, after the beach received 128.5 million views on “Tik Tok”, according to what was reported by “CNBC”, and was viewed by “Al”.

Pattaya Beach consists of a 2.5-mile crescent of coastline.

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