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An Arab celebration of two Egyptian players who raised the Palestinian flag in the face of an Israeli player (video) |  Palestine news

An Arab celebration of two Egyptian players who raised the Palestinian flag in the face of an Israeli player (video) | Palestine news


Activists on social media in Egypt and several Arab countries celebrated the raising of the Palestinian flag by two players from the Egyptian national under-15 karate team in the face of an Israeli player, after they won the first and second places in the World Junior Karate Championship in Slovenia.

Activists circulated a picture in which the Egyptian players appeared on the platform honoring the Egyptian and Palestinian flags in the face of the Israeli player who won the third place, who raised the flag of the occupying state, in a scene that drew attention to them.

A local newspaper stated that the Egyptian national team delegation for youth under the age of 15 included four players, namely Islam Ahmed (first place winner), Omar Sharif (second place), Musa Muhammadi and Youssef Muhammad.

Bloggers on social media praised the step taken by the two young men to introduce the Palestinian cause, as well as the support they provided to the Palestinian people through the distinguished gesture.

Palestinian activist Jihad Helles described the photo as a “historic scene” in response to the third-place winner raising the flag of the Israeli occupation state next to them.

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He said in a tweet, “The Israeli player was surprised that the first and second place holders, Egyptian nationals, were raising the flag of Palestine to disgrace him and his deformed entity. Bless you, may God have mercy on those who raised you, heroes.”

The journalist, Abdullah Al-Abri, commented on the photo, tweeting, “I am blessed and honored with every Arab who is loyal to the cause of his nation, and only an honorable person with a principle does it, because – simply – Palestine is the issue of honorable people.”

And the International Federation of Traditional Karate published a video clip on its official YouTube channel, showing the jogging of the delegation accompanying the players of the Egyptian national team, wearing the Palestinian keffiyeh, on the honoring platform, while an Israeli player carrying his flag stood next to them.

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The delegation was keen to take pictures with the Egyptian and Palestinian flags with the first and second place winners, while one of the attendees chanted “Free Palestine” inside the hall.

The Egyptian academic, Ramzi Abdel Aziz, demanded that the two players be honored after their return, and he continued in a post on his Facebook account, “Here I will be silent for a while in the sanctuary of beauty and strength of personality, when the heroes raised the flag of Palestine in the Coronation Square, proud of the free heroes of Egypt.”

According to a local newspaper, the Egyptian national team players won 9 gold and 8 silver medals, in addition to 7 bronze medals, during the tournament, which concluded in Slovenia, on Sunday.

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