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An Arab country, after Switzerland, is at the forefront of the happiest people in the world

The expert and professor of economics at Johns Hopkins University, Steve Hanke, published the list of the “Misery Index” for the year 2022, and showed that Kuwait is the second happiest country in the world after Switzerland.

Hanke says in a lengthy report published on the site “National Review“The human condition fluctuates between misery and happiness. In the economic field, misery is caused by high inflation, high borrowing costs, and unemployment, and the sure way to alleviate this misery is through economic growth.

“Comparing countries’ measures can tell us a lot about where people feel miserable or happy,” he added.

As for Kuwait, the “misery index attributed the rating to low levels of unemployment locally,” according to the newspaper’s website.The opinionKuwaiti.

Hankey measures the misery index based on unemployment, inflation, the rate of lending, and the change in per capita GDP, and showed that Kuwaitis are the happiest Arab peoples, and Kuwait ranked second after Switzerland in the list that included 157 countries.

As a result of the booming economic situation, it ranked among the top ten happiest countries in the world in 2022: Switzerland, Kuwait, Ireland, Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, Niger, Thailand, Togo, and Malta.

In the opposite direction, and as a result of the difficult economic conditions, the following countries appended the list: Zimbabwe, Venezuela, Syria, Lebanon, Sudan, Argentina, Yemen, Ukraine, Cuba, and Turkey.

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