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An Arab fan surprises his club and returns the stolen trophy from the football team in 1999

The Iraqi Al-Zawraa club announced in an official statement that the 1999 Football Perseverance Cup had returned to the club’s coffers, thanks to “the loyalty and keenness of one of the fans on the history of the leader,” as the club described it.

The statement read: “Al-Zawraa fan Raad surprised the return of the administrative body of Al-Zawraa Club and all its employees, by handing over the title of the 1999 Perseverance Championship Cup to the club’s management in a beautiful gesture that indicates the fan’s loyalty and keenness on the history of the leader.”

The statement added: “The fan Raad Odeh had found the Perseverance Cup in one of the shops, as a result of the club’s exposure to theft and looting after the fall of the previous regime. Raad bought this cup and handed it over to the club as a contribution to preserving its history.”

In turn, the head of the club’s administrative body, Captain Falah Hassan, expressed his happiness in returning the lost cups to the club’s coffers, stressing that this gesture indicates the keenness of the loyal Al-Zawra fans on the club’s property.

Falah Hassan presented the club’s shield to fan Raad Odeh, in appreciation of his stance towards the club.

The administrative body of Al-Zawraa Sports Club called on all sports fans to take the initiative in recovering the lost cups to the club’s coffers and to contribute to preserving the history of this great club.

Source: The official website of the Iraqi Al-Zawraa Club

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