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An Arab Night of Joy, a gift to Talal Maddah

Last night, Riyadh gathered a group of Arab artists to honor the pioneer of the Saudi song, Talal Maddah, who passed away two decades ago, leaving behind a rich artistic legacy.

And the “General Entertainment Authority” decided to mobilize 43 artists, from the ocean to the Gulf, to revive a “night of joy” that would be a gift to “The Voice of the Arabs”, and to contribute to introducing the world to it, by performing its songs in a theater full of audiences, and collecting voices to sing the most beautiful chants. “The Harp of the East”.

Counselor Turki Al-Sheikh, head of the General Authority for Entertainment, said during the night honoring Talal Maddah, yesterday: “This is a night of artistic joy to honor one of the important symbols of the Saudi song, with the participation of great artists from the Kingdom and the Arab world, and this is a cause for pride and happiness.” He added, “Talal Maddah’s honor takes place in a theater bearing the name (Muhammad Abdo), his companion.”

The great Arab artists sang the most famous songs of the late Maddah individually or with participants, and they also presented paintings of beauty under the title “Loyalty and Beauty”, in which everyone participated, to commemorate their first artist.

During the ceremony, the artist, Ragheb Alama, said: “It is the night of loyalty, rather it is above loyalty, and what is happening today touches the heart with all its limbs. Talal left a great singing legacy and a large artistic library, and he may not have been able to witness this great shift for the Kingdom, and the vision that made the impossible a reality. As for the artist Khaled Abdel Rahman, he said that Talal Maddah was an inspiration to many artists, and his humanity crossed borders. He was humble and tried to make everyone he met happy.

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The ceremony started with a documentary film that tells the story of Talal Maddah’s career, in which many artists who lived with him spoke, and everyone agreed on his humanity, humility, and his life full of art and his continuous support for artists.
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