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An Arab team takes to the circuit first in the Parachute Biathlon in Russia

An Arab team takes to the circuit first in the Parachute Biathlon in Russia

The Algerian Parachute Team opened the Team Biathlon race with a 10 km walk, then a live-fire competition from small arms and grenade launchers in the Parachute Corps competition.

And the “biathlon” of the teams was held at the “Dobrovichi” training camp in the Russian region of Ryazan, where each team of paratroopers covered a distance of 2.5 km from the race, then shot from the prone and then from the kneeling position, then stood from the RBKS-74 weapons. RPKS-74, AK-74M, and RPG-7D launchers, then the last “fourth lap” with full acceleration to the end.

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Targets for small arms appeared for 10 seconds at a distance of 100 meters. Then the targets of the grenade launchers No. 12B (tank in a trench) at a distance of 150 to 250 meters to hit in various ways.

The Algerian soldiers were the first to enter the racetrack, then the paratroopers from the Republic of Belarus followed, and then the contestants from Kazakhstan.

After the results of the competition are calculated by the jury, taking into account the possible penalty time, allotted for the improper implementation of some elements of the competition, the winners will be announced in the second stage of the competition.

The Airborne Faction competition is held within the framework of the Army-2021 Forum Games, which is being held for the seventh time in the Patriot Convention and Exhibition Center area, as well as at Kubica Airport and Camp Alabino from August 22 to 28.

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