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ناقد فني يحكي موقفاً غريباً في حياة سعاد حسني'

An art critic tells a strange situation in the life of Soad Hosni

(MENAFN– Al-Bayan)

Egyptian art critic Tariq El-Shennawy revealed a strange situation in the life of the late artist Souad Hosni.

Al-Shennawi explained, according to the “Al-Dustour” news website, that the biography of “Cinderella” is full of great human situations, including giving up one of the artistic awards after the decision to crown her.

He said that Souad was crowned during one of the Alexandria Film Festival sessions, the best actress award.

He added that the award was not announced except during the ceremony, noting that during his congratulations to her, she surprised him, saying: “Do not wait for a while, Tariq.”

He continued, “I did not understand the meaning of her words, until I learned that the name of the award winner had been changed in the last minutes, after putting pressure on the jury.”

It is noteworthy that Soad Hosni died after falling from the balcony of an apartment on the sixth floor of the Stuart Tower building in London in 2001, which sparked widespread controversy and doubts about the strange incident.


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