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An asteroid was spotted before it penetrated the Earth’s atmosphere

T + T – normal size

Hungarian astronomer Kristian Sarnitsky reported last week that while observing the sky from the Peskesteto station, he discovered a small asteroid, which the Minor Planet Center called 2022 EB5, hours before it entered Earth’s atmosphere and burned up.

After this discovery, the observation became interesting, because after 30 minutes, it turned out that after two hours the asteroid will penetrate the Earth’s atmosphere. Indeed, the asteroid penetrated the Earth’s atmosphere north of Iceland at 22.22 GMT on Friday, March 11, 2022 and burned completely, and its speed was 66,600 kilometers per hour. According to Russia Today, citing

According to amateur astronomer and orbital modeling expert Tony Dunn, discovering a small celestial body before it penetrates the Earth’s atmosphere is very rare. Data from the International Network of Ultrasound Detectors confirmed the asteroid’s penetration into the Earth’s atmosphere. According to a statement issued by the European Space Agency, signs of the asteroid entering the atmosphere were detected using these detectors in Iceland and Greenland.


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